Ashley, a southern girl now living in California (against her will), is a lover of Jesus, the wife of a police officer and a stay at home mom to (soon to be) 2 beautiful daughters. She received a BA from Florida State (Go Noles!) that started out as an English Degree, ended up a social science degree, and is now being used as a MRS degree (because she’s a wifey now… get it?) She loves the community that can be found in the online world and her candid musings touch on the issues that speak to the hearts of wives, mothers, and women everywhere.

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1. What site do you visit online to find encouragement or inspiration?
Is it cheesy to say The Influence Network forums? It’s true… I always head to the forums to find online encouragement. If I need a good hard look in the mirror and some biblical spankin and some straight up gospel truth I head on over to Jami Nato’s blog. I’m also one of those people who is super likely to click through a link, so I often find new encouragement or inspiration via my twitter feed.

2. What is one piece of advice you wish you had known as a new blogger or online-business woman?
I’ve made some BIG changes to the way I do blogging recently wish someone had told me that I didn’t have to say yes to everyone or do something just because it seemed like all the other bloggers were doing it. I also gotta say, I’d tell new bloggers to not attach their own expectations of blogging onto other bloggers- just be you!

3. What has surprised you most in this life?
I am constantly amazed by how clear God’s sovereignty is in my life.. though often in retrospect. Having not grown up with a personal relationship with Christ, it always blows me away to see how much God cares about me- and not just because I’m a human being and He cares for all His children- but He cares for me (and you) specifically. And His plan for my life is so much more awesome than my own plans.

4. How do you refresh when you run out of ideas or creativity?
I wouldn’t say I’m a super creative person in the first place so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I always keep a running note in my phone of ideas that I’d like to blog about. And when I feel that “bloggy burnout” I just step back and don’t blog (gasp!) I spend time cultivating the relationships in my offline life and I usually end up feeling refreshed.

5. What is one thing you love about yourself?
I like that I have the ability to mesh with lots of different people groups. I’ve never been the girl to just have my one group of friends or to feel awkward in a social situation where I have to meet new people. I kind of just jump right in and can find common ground with (almost) anyone. And I gotta say, I’m love that the Lord has given me a husband who is the same way.
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