Moriah Sunde is pursuing her passion as a stay-at-home-mom of two hilarious toddlers by day, and a lifestyle blogger and handmade business owner by night. She blogs about faith, family, and creative inspiration at the always-encouraging blog Moriah Makes. Moriah has a heart for community, handmade, and living her potential by the glory of God.

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1. What site do you visit online to find encouragement or inspiration?
Besides the Influence Network forums, I’ve always found encouragement and inspiration from the people I follow through Twitter. By interacting with other moms, business owners, and Christian women like myself, I’ve always been given a helpful word of advice, the perfect verse, or an encouraging reminder of God’s love for me on days I need it most.

2. What is one piece of advice you wish you had known as a new blogger or online-business woman?
Don’t let your blog consume your life. If there’s ever an instance that blogging does not give you joy and starts to seem like a burden, back away from the computer and pray!

3. What has surprised you most in this life? 
That God can still use me to spread the Gospel, even if I’m at home full time raising two toddlers, folding ungodly amounts of laundry, and living in my sweatpants.

4. How do you refresh when you run out of ideas or creativity?
Window shopping by myself, going for nature walks, and listening to worship music.

5. What is one thing you love about yourself?
My husband gets annoyed that I never complain. I see it as being easygoing, patient, and relaxed. There are pros and cons to having this kind of personality, but I know God created me to be this way to balance out with my husband’s “spirited” personality in our marriage. We make the perfect team.

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