Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A word from a nonblogger

Hey gals. Something we’ve felt strongly about throughout the planning of this conference is that we want it to be incredibly beneficial for women who run online businesses and blogs, but we really wanted them to be able to bring their sisters or their friends who know nothing about social media – and for them all to be blessed.
If you’re a woman who is considering coming to Influence (or you know someone who you believe would benefit from coming) and you’re not as integrated into the online world as others – we want you to know there is absolutely MUCH benefit waiting for you at Influence. During every session, we’ll have one speaker who is dedicated to sharing a specifically life-oriented message that will be incredibly applicable to all women. So put together encouraging messages for your heart + beautiful luxurious hotel + delicious foods + new friends + worship + amazing workshops + great party. Here’s what you get: you need to come to Influence. 
Don’t just take our word for it! Below is a few words from Mandy Wood, who also happens to be one of the worship leaders who will be serving us for the weekend. She is “not a blogger”, but more than that – she’s an amazing daughter of the King. You can check out her & her husband’s music and adoption story here.
Who Are You?
Are you a blogger, non-blogger, pastor’s wife, friend of a friend, a sister, an aunt, a mother, a worship leader, a young single lady?
I would venture to say, you are NONE of these!  You were not created to be any of these!  Your purpose in life was not to be a blogger, pastor’s wife or even a mother. You were created to bring God glory….. that’s it!  We were created to worship Him through whatever He has us doing.
The blogging, the wife-ing, the mothering, the worship leading, those are all vehicles through which we glorify Him.  The minute we forget that, we forget our identity in Jesus and begin to worship the vehicle we’re in instead of the final destination which is, glorifying HIM.
Influence will be such a great reminder of that truth because we can all so easily forget in the midst of our business.
So, whether you blog, write, sing, study, parent, exercise, I believe this conference would greatly benefit you.  You, dear sister, are a daughter of the Most High and I believe He will use this conference and these other precious daughters of His heading it up to remind us of why we’re here and how we can do it best!  Come expecting the Lord to meet you where you’re at and to greatly encourage you through the message He has already planned AND go ahead and bless somebody else by inviting them.
Shoot, I’m going and know I’ll be blessed!!!

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