Monday, January 14, 2013

FAQ about Classes

We are thrilled to offer live, online classes that are simple to attend and taught by women who have knowledge to spare. After taking part in the very first class last Thursday, I was blown away by this phenomenal resource for women. Not only will you learn life and strategy skills, but you also get the chance to connect with your classmates and teacher. A chat pod is open during the class to exchange information, comment on the lecture, and connect with like-minded women. Since class size is limited, it is a fantastic way to build community and gain knowledge to benefit your life.

 Starting a new mastermind group? Want to connect with women in your neighborhood? Looking to connect with social media friends? Take a class together, even if you are separated by thousands of miles, and use the class as a springboard to feed discussion and deeper friendships.

 Do I have to be a member to take a class? 
 No, you do not have to be a member of the network to take a class. We highly encourage you to consider membership, because it is a great community where you can join in. Also, a premium monthly membership includes membership access AND one FREE class per month at $10 monthly. Purchasing a class alone costs $10, so membership is a great deal.

 How do I access the class? 
 An hour before the class we will email you the link for the class. If you do not receive the email around 30 minutes before the class, please email us so we can make sure to send you the link & you are not late. Also, please add to your "accepted" mail list to make sure these emails do not get lost or go to your spam.

 Do I need to download software? 
 If you would like to use an ipad or mobile device you will need to download the Adobe Connect App. If you are using your computer you will not need to download anything. In the email, you will be provided a link to check your connection and verify that you are set for the class.

 How long will each class last? 
 The class will be an hour long. Be sure to have pen and paper handy to take notes.

 Will people be able to see and/or hear me? 
 No, don't worry about wearing makeup or having the house totally quiet. The teacher and your classmates won’t be able to see or hear you, but you will be able to type-chat with one another. (I was in my pajamas while my husband was clinking around in the kitchen during my first class.)

 Can my husband sit in on the class with me? 
 Yes, if your husband would like to sit in with you he is welcome.

 Can I submit questions to the teacher? 
 Yes, there will be a chat pod to ask questions or make comments. Only the teacher will be able to see the question list, so questions will be anonymous to the rest of the class. To get the most out of the class experience, write a question or two ready before class time, and then jot more down as the class is proceeding. Most classes will do Q & A at the end.

 Will the classes be repeated? 
 If there is a high interest in a class it may be repeated.

 Will the classes ever be offered at different times? 
 Yes, we are going to play around with different times and days for the classes to find the optimal time for our community.

 Will the classes be recorded? 
 Yes, each class will be recorded.

 Can I purchase the recording? 
 Yes, the class recordings will be made available for purchase.

 What if I have to miss a class? 
 If you purchase a class & cannot attend, please email so we can provide you with information.

 Where do I share an idea for a class if I have one? 
 If you have an idea for a class, please email Consider starting a forum thread with your idea to let us see if there is enough momentum for an entire class.

Let us know if you have other questions, and we hope to see you in a class soon!

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