Monday, January 28, 2013

Keeping it Liquid

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial planner.  So first take my warning to not apply any of this to your wallet.   With that said...  

When I was growing up in high school, college, and even as a young adult, one thing my dad always advised me when making decisions about money and investments was to "Keep it Liquid."  Meaning, don't get your money tied up somewhere where you can't pull it out in an emergency or change your mind. 

For me, as someone who enjoys blogging as a hobby, something extracurricular to my life, I want to keep my blog liquid.  I want to be able to walk away from it. 

Now hold up, I know that sounds odd and maybe a little off putting.  I don't want to walk away and I don't mean to disvalue the relationships I've made through blogging.  Those, I wouldn't just walk away from.  Here's what I mean though --  I know that for me, I have a tendency to get sucked into the blogosphere.  I have a sinful inclination to let it become an idol.  To keep adding more and doing more and saying yes more and offering more.  When I give more to my blog, in most cases (not all) I'm giving less somewhere else. 

There was a time in my past "blogging life," that I couldn't walk away (read more about that in my previous influence blog post here).  I was committed to too many different online things and had literally sold my services to different partners.  I had responsibilities to upkeep as an obligation to my word.  I was tied into something that was not rest giving.  eeeks.  no bueno. So two questions you might ask: How do I make my blog liquid? and Why do I want it to be so? 

How do I keep my blog liquid?:
  • I quit pursuing giveaways and sponsorships (I still do them, I just don't spend my extra energies on them).
  • I only offer short term sponsorships and am very upfront about what is offered/not included.
  • I never promise a specific amount of posts per week.
  • If I participate in or host a series, I take time to evaluate the time investment.
  • I don't invest money into my blog (designs/html coding/spending $ on blog ads)
Why do I want to keep my blog liquid?   

Many of you who are reading this are looking to grow a business out of your blog or use your blog to add needed income for your family.  Some of you aren't looking for either of those things but life looks differently for you -- to all of you, know that I'm not saying any of this is wrong.  It's not wrong to invest of yourself and resources into something that you are passionate about and adds both joy and rest to your life. 

But, if you are like me, someone who needs accountability to keep things prioritized, keeping your blog liquid provides that.  Being liquid doesn't mean that you aren't committed to your blog or readership, but to me it means that I can let my blog just be a blog, not a identity definer and most definitely not a life line. 

If you have questions -- about how I keep my blog liquid, how I go about sponsorships without over committing myself or resources,  about my struggles of letting my blog become an idol, or just anything in general, I'd love to hear from you.  Please feel free to shoot me an email.

Blair McLeod has a passion for equipping others to find their voice and serve others. She is the mother of one, married to an artist, works full time as a middle school youth director, and loves Nashville, which she calls home. Blair has loved the relationships and doors that blogging has opened for her. One thing in particular she is super proud to be a part of is The Purpose Project -- that allows bloggers to use their own personal story and social media platforms to make a change in the lives of people in Africa. You can follow Blair's lifestyle and fashion blog at Wild & Precious.

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