Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Make your online life mean something. 
It’s our goal. It’s our tagline. Our mission.
But what does it mean?

To be honest, it all started with a question within our hearts that we’re pretty sure you’ve asked yourself before. What is all this for? Why am I doing this? Does it add any value to my life? Does it add any value to the world? As women, as women of this new generation of bloggers and Facebook users and tweeters and instagrammers and shop owners and book writers – are we doing the right thing? Are we wasting or utilizing the precious time and gifts we’ve been given to grow? Ourselves and the world around us?

When it gets really quiet and we’re faced with the scary questions like – is my time online a waste? - we have three choices. We can stick our fingers in our ears and check out and keep going the way we’re going regardless of the effect our behavior has on the world around us. We can have a knee jerk reaction and quit all the things – shut everything down and smash our laptops and iPhones and cancel our internet, all in the name of intentionality and real-life living. OR – we come together, as a community, and work it out – we can band together and make sure that what we’re doing is valuable, that we are leveraging the influence God has given us for good and not futile works. That’s what The Influence Network is about.

The more you hang around the network and this blog, the more you might hear the word “valuable” and we want you to know right off the get go what we mean by that. If our purpose is to help make your online life mean something, the way we are attempting to do that is through constantly evaluating and spurring women on to do things that produce value in some way, shape, or form. We don’t mean that everyone has to be a famous blogger who makes a million dollars a month – in fact, we’d really like to discourage the myth that that’s the only way for you to be valuable. We don’t mean your shop needs to bigger than amazon and we don’t think you need to write a book and go on 15 city speaking tour. Rather, all we mean is that when you get up from the computer or walk away from your time with the network – we want you to walk away better equipped to do exactly what it is God wants YOU to do.

If you need some encouragement as a daughter of God, we want to provide that. If you’re looking for tools to make a little extra money blogging, we want to show you some ways to make that happen – working smarter and not harder. If you need encouragement as a mom or a wife or a friend, we want to build a place on the internet that leaves you feeling more excited and capable about those roles instead of feeling drained or discouraged or less than.

The reason why we’re doing all of this? Well, it’s the Good News.
Our Heavenly Father loved us so much that He sent His son to pay for our sins and make our lives valuable. He loves each of you so incredibly much and we want to love you well too.

We’re just like you.
We don’t want to walk away from this season in our lives feeling like each minute we spent online was a waste of our time, our energy, and that we potential missed His call for us. Instead, we’re joining together and asking for His help to make it valuable.
To make our online life mean something.
And we’re so glad you’re here.

What’s next? Go peruse all we have to offer on the main network site and make sure you signup to be a member too. We can’t wait to share all that is ahead!

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