Friday, February 1, 2013

Meet Our Conference Manager

To tell you the truth, I had the idea of a christian blogging women's conference brewing in my heart before the Influence Conference officially existed. I had just left my daughter for the first time ever to attend a blogging event and had come back blown away by the reality of what happens when you take your online relationship offline: I found that the internet was real, these women were real, and our friendships were real. A friend of mine and I talked seriously about starting a faith based women's conference- we even had a few places quote us- but for some reason we just never heard God say move.

That's when, through some ambiguous tweets, some online creeping on my part and a few DMs with Jessi I found out about The Influence Conference and it all made sense. Yes, my heart was in the right place for this community of women I had found out here on the internet. Yes, we needed a fresh, new conference where women could gather and proudly proclaim the name of Jesus in their online lives. But, No, I did not need to start one, because God had already placed this task on the hearts of other women. I was thrilled because I had no idea where I would even begin in actually starting a conference.

I attended the first Influence Conference as a community leader and it (I will say I was super thankful I hadn't thrown the conference as I was in my first trimester with my second daughter and was oh so sick.. Funny, it's like God knew the plan all along.)  I had an amazing time with other women who "got" this community.. got that we needed to put Jesus' name before our own, but that it was ok to do that AND be a business woman or a fashion blogger or a mommy blogger or whoever He has made you to be. That God can use the time you spend on the internet for His good. As I was there, and in the months following, I still felt God pulling at my heart to be a bigger part of this community- of this conference- of what He's doing in the online world.

Flash forward and here I am: totally honored and humbled to be The Influence Conference Manager. And I am so thankful that He is giving me this opportunity! I hope to meet you all at the conference in September!

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