Here at the Influence Network, It’s my job as forums manager to make sure members get what they need from our message boards. I log in regularly with the intention to observe, encourage, and lead. I like to think of myself as a hole-filler. Lately, though… I’ve been logging in to soak up, be encouraged, and follow. It’s my holes that are being filled. These ladies give me so much, just with their online presence. The way they interact with one another is life-giving. I’ve learned how to navigate some of the more challenging parts of blog design, and how to love on families considering adopting. I’m in the process of discussing accountability and spending habits with a few girls who are so much more brave than I’ll ever be. I’ve seen firsthand how dark moments can be made light again, just by opening up and receiving support from sisters across the country.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that right now, I’m supposed to be influenced by my circles of influence. And you know what I’m learning in the process? That a season of being influenced is part of the greater picture, of my ability to influence in return.
So keep it up, y’all. You’re doing a phenomenal job.