Friday, March 29, 2013

Why You Can't Afford to Miss an Influence Class

Has an Influence Class been tugging at your heart?
Why put off taking an hour for God to use a gospel-minded woman who can speak truth and encouragement to you?

Let me explain why I want you to take a class.

The Network leadership team waits to find the right person to teach a class.  We want to put women with wisdom to spare in front of you.  For every class idea, we are willing to patiently search for those women.  Hearing a teacher speak passionately about a topic you are curious about will bond you together.  You have the chance to broaden your online sphere to include these gospel-centered women.

Last night I taught my first Influence class.  As a teacher I can tell you, I prayed over the women who signed up for my class.  I wanted to honor the investment they made by providing excellent content and an assortment of resources.  You should be able to use a class as a launching pad for continued growth and change.

The chat box is your chance to connect with up to 50 other like-minded women.  Share your heart;  share your ideas;  share your stories;  share your contact information.  It is a safe place to have conversations that are challenging to have on social media.  In my class, women connected to build established friendships before attending our upcoming conference.  In previous classes, mothers have affirmed one another, business women have strategized together, and women have explained how they make time to grow in God's Word.  It isn't just about the teacher.  It is about your voice too.

It doesn't stop at the end of an hour.  Your specific questions will get answered.  You will get a recording of the class to listen to whenever you need a refresher course.  The teacher may collaborate with other people or write a follow-up post with more content for you.  I have a post today for all the extroverts who are wondering how to love introverts better.  Since I couldn't write from that viewpoint, I asked my extroverted friend, Tammy, to help me.  This gives even more valuable content for my students.  You will get your money's worth.

Speaking of money...  ANYONE can take a class for $10.  Just buy it in The Influence Shop.

BUT... if I spotted a class I liked and it was my money, I would spend my $10 on a month-long premium membership to the Network, which comes with one FREE class.  You gain access to the forums, a download Resource Library, and a copy of our e-magazine.  The magazine is coming out this month, and you'll have to buy it otherwise.  It's a no-brainer.

Check out April's Class Calendar.


  1. I am so sad that I missed the "Introverts" class! Is there a way to purchase and view a class that has already taken place?! (I'm a monthly member.)
    Thank you!

    1. Naomi - I am sorry you missed the class! Let me check when we will have a recording available (or we may offer certain classes again).

    2. Hey Naomi -
      I looked into this and the short answer is that recordings probably won't be for sale for quite awhile. We may offer classes a second time around, especially ones that were sold out, but it will be at least 3 months later.

      So, if you see a class you like, be sure to purchase it. That is the only guaranteed way to get a recording emailed to you - and you can watch it whenever you like :)


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