Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Being Intentional with Social Media

Have you wondered what might be the most beneficial social media outlet for your blog or business?  Well, we think all of the outlets we use to share The Influence Network are great resources, but each tends to serve a slightly different purpose.

To help you find different ways to connect with our community, and possibly help you find more ways to utilize outlets for your own endeavors, we've laid out the purpose and intention of every Influence Network social media resource just for you:

Facebook: Intended to keep our community updated on what we're doing as a community. Here, you'll find updates on new Influence blog posts, announcements, upcoming classes, events, conference news, and discussion happening in forums. 

Twitter: Intended to show who we are as a community. We'll keep you updated on new Influence blog posts, upcoming classes, events, conference news, and discussion happening in forums, but we'll go even deeper than that. Blog posts from writers in and outside of our community are also shared throughout the day, as well as daily scripture, and questions to stir conversation.

Pinterest: Intended to show how we, as a community, are acting out and using our voices to make much of Jesus. This is a place for our community to find encouraging reads for life, business and strategy, spiritual resources, and helpful tools to improve our blog, business, or ministry. 

Instagram: A fun way to connect more personally with our community by showing sneak peaks of what our community is doing in our classes, exciting behind-the-scenes details of our conference, and inspiration from our conference speakers.

So, what's your favorite way to follow The Influence Network? Do you follow more than one social media outlet? Feel free to click the links above to easily connect in more ways than one if you weren't already!


  1. I'm a faithful follower on Twitter (my personal fave!), FB and Pinterest, but no Instagram :( No IG account for this Crackberry user ;)

    Thanks for the 411 on the different platforms and their purposes!

  2. Great description of the different platforms. Thank you :)

  3. I follow mostly on IG and of course here, on the blog :) Thanks for keeping us all connected!!


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