Monday, May 6, 2013

How Classes Inspire Action

As we announce May's class calendar, learn a few simple ways you can act strategically while taking a class.  Erin Moffitt, from A Symphony of Grace, is sharing how last month's Planning and Scheduling class became a launchpad for change in her life.


It actually surprised me that this class challenged me so much and inspired me to make some changes. I am really good at keeping up with my planner, making to-do lists, and being organized in that way.  

But the free time that I did have, I rarely filled with life-giving and restful things.  I spent many hours thinking I was giving myself rest, when really I was just wasting time.  Jessi helped me catch the vision of how to live a life that is planned out strategically while allowing myself to thrive.  For me, the area of rest was where I was not thriving. 

 I want to represent Jesus well, and when I'm not being refreshed or filled up, I'm not that great at loving others. 

Lesson:  Take a class in an area where you want growth. 

I always have my journal in front of me, with plenty of colorful pens for note-taking.  I try to listen attentively while writing down the things that I want to remember or put into action.  This leaves me not totally able to keep up with the Chat box, but I do my best.  Having the recording emailed** helps too, because anything I miss or wasn't able to write down, I'll be able to go back and listen to again. 

Lesson:  Prioritize the most valuable part of the class for your learning style:

taking notes
networking with other students
connecting with the teacher individually
asking questions 
practicing hands-on (like using a DSLR) 
simply listening

The class helped me feel refreshed and excited to steward my time better, and I couldn't wait to apply the insight I'd received.  Jessi graciously provided some free printable downloads for us (if you're an Influence member, you can get them too -- in the downloads section!).  I printed those out onto cardstock, got out my Erin Condren planner, and got to work. 

Lesson:  Don't wait to act. 

Lastly, and most importantly, I live with this in mind: There is grace.  There is grace when I mess up and spend my free time in a way that isn't refreshing.  There is grace when I don't get to everything on my to-do list.  There is grace.  I think if I learn to get better about giving grace to myself, I will be quick to extend it to others as well.  Grace, grace, grace.

Lesson:  There is grace. 


Thank you, Erin!

A new series of classes will be unveiled each month on The Influence Blog sidebar and in The Influence Shop.

**The only way to receive a recording of a class is to purchase the class at least an hour before it starts. 


  1. Erin, can I get an A-to-the-MEN?! Thank you for sharing, my own experience with this class was very similar. The little lessons and reminders I learned have made such a difference already! Another huge shout-out to Jessi: THANK YOU!

    1. Hey Jessi -
      I'm so glad that you had a similar experience! Those little changes make such a huge difference, don't you think?

    2. I love big results from little tweaks ;)


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