Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let's Shrink Things Up...a Network Link-Up Announcement!

When it comes to our women, we've learned a couple of important geography lessons lately... you Influence Network members hail from all over, but you intend to make your world smaller as you connect with each other.

We hear you! 
We hear you!
Now, to connect you!

On June 12, we'll be hosting a link-up that allows you ladies to connect with each other on a more local level. It's time to put a town with a face! On your personal blog, write a post that includes a snippet about where you grew up, and then a little plug about where you're living currently.  Then head on over here to the Influence blog and link up!

Be sure to include a fond memory and a photo. Make us fall in love with your city!
Can't wait to take a trip around the country (and the world) with you gals on June 12.
See you soon!


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