Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Longterm Plan

There is a longterm plan for the outcome of this conference. Yes, we’re excited for the learning and celebrating that’s about to happen in October, but the real fun begins when it’s over. When we’ve taken what we’ve learned, grip cyber-hands (totally just made that word up) with our, now, IN-REAL-LIFE community of social-media women, and begin helping each other pursue God’s plan for this online space we share with the world.
We believe that God has given us an opportunity to come together in October and start something fresh, that is meant to continue and grow for years to come. 2012 is just the beginning for all of us, the starting point. Once our tribe is formed in October, we can only imagine the impact that 2013, 2014, 2015 and years to come will have on our world.
The intriguing part about this being our first conference is that we have no idea how much of an impact this is going to make. We have no clue what our impact is going to look or feel like. But, we do know how to prepare for it. And that’s where you come in:
We need you to help shape and mold this new tribe of Believers. 
Hayley described our vision pretty perfectly when she wrote, “We’d love to see an awesome and encouraging community grow up out of Influence, one that fights for bigger things and has soft hearts, and dreams huge dreams.  We want you to have women who support your big ideas and breath life and give roots to your dreams.”
We, as hosts, have had this vision for a long time. We’ve been talking about it, sharing our hearts with others, have had many come on board in agreement with us. But, nothing’s going to actually happen unless you, yes, you, can visualize the longterm plan: to make much of Jesus using the talents and passions He’s given you.
What does God want for this community?  How does He want us to use this community to make much of Him? How does He want you, as an individual, to use your voice for Him?
We can’t wait to find out the answers to these questions with your help.

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