Friday, September 7, 2012

Why you should be at Influence

Hey precious girls.
Man. I sure like you all and I haven’t even met most of you yet!

So you’ve heard a few reasons why we truly want you to be at Influence for this first year.

Can we say that clearly so you hear us? We WANT you there. And not just for our benefit, but for yours.

We want you there because we see a new tribe of women forming that is going to be catalytic in the online community – making much of Jesus and doing it in a wise way. We want you there because we believe you’ll leave with friends and allies, a team made of a couple hundred like-minded women.

But can I have your ear, you strategy-minded bloggers, internet users, and creative business women? We do believe you’ll stay in a really nice hotel and be super encouraged and leave with your arms interlocked with a bunch of new sisters, BUT we also know that this is going to just be a really good business move for you.

We have a philosophy in our home that looks something like this – stuff on the internet (blogs, shops, twitter conversations) those things can be fun creative outlets, but when they distract from our real life and they do not produce fruit – specifically financial fruit, they become more burdens than blessings. A huge desire we have for this conference and for this group of women is we want you to be PROFITABLE.

We see too many women working too hard at these online endeavors and not making money and we don’t want this to be true for this group of women. That’s why so many of our sessions are built around giving you strategic help – not to make your own self famous, but to bless you so that you’re working smarter and not harder, with a better return. It’s why we’ve brought in the speakers we have – because they love Jesus AND they wise in the ways of making profit.

And then! And then! There is the huge added benefit of how just attending a conference will boost your career. Many women will tell you that their blogs or shops took on a whole new life when they attended x-conference. We know that this will be true for Influence too. That many heads together, all wanting to bless one another, networking, sharing struggles and triumphs.

It’s an investment and we know that – but the tried and true phrase “you have to spend money to make money” is tried and true because, well: people have tried it and found it true. Out of all the ways you could invest in your business this year – why not make one of them a relaxing, life-giving, worshipful, fun, conference with your new group of gals?

If you’re coming, get ready to be blessed in your profitability. If you know someone who needs to come, tell her today! We’d kept our number kind of loose but we’ve decided to shepherd this group of women well, we need to cap our numbers at only selling 50 more tickets. We highly expect those to go quickly, so jump on it!
We cannot wait to see you. – Jessi

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