Friday, October 5, 2012

5 tips for #influencenet conf

We are about to embark on the inaugural Influence Conference with our inaugural group of women.  Here is my (Hayley’s) list of the ways to get the most out of the conference/make the conference work for YOU.
1.  If you want people to be able to find you easily, let them know how to recognize you!  At Blissdom last year, my roommates and I took pictures of each other each morning…the purpose being to Instagram our outfits.  I wanted people to be able to recognize what I was wearing THAT DAY and be able to say hi.  Let’s be honest, we don’t always look like our little 100px by 100px avatar.
2.  Know why you’re coming.  Are you coming to soak up amazing wisdom from Emily Freeman?  Make sure you’re really well rested and there early for her session.  Are you wanting to connect with John Saddington outside of his talk?  Maybe tweet him during the conference and see if you could say “Hi” in real life.  Do you want to walk away with a few new business partnerships?  Make sure to check out our sponsors and maybe even the women selling at the Market.  Know why YOU are coming and plan your actions strategically.
3.  Know that you may feel tender.  I’ve been to several blog conferences and know that some women can get overwhelmed, both by the people and the amount of information.  Plan for this.  Think of how you reassure yourself and regroup.  It’s more than okay to feel like this–and it helps to know your plan before you do.  Our community leaders are more than wanting to help you walk through the weekend if you need someone to talk with.
4.  PLEASE KNOW that there is NO ONE at the conference to be intimidated by.  The other day when I wasn’t feeling “Jesus-y” enough, Jessi told me that “Jesus in you is at Jesus-y as it gets”…as in, I can’t add or take away from His great grace.  And, in planning the conference,we have all had moments where we doubted ourselves professionally.  Know that there will always be someone bigger and smaller than you…and most likely the girl you perceive behind the blog is a little different and a little  more vulnerable in real life.
5.  Talk to your new friends about next year.  We want you to be with us as we grow.  We’re going to be selling 20 “First Supporter” tickets AT the conference for a CRAZY low price–to bless women who are ready to get on board again for next year.  Because we want to see new faces next year, too, we’re going to offer 10 online “First Supporter” tickets on the Monday after the conference for those of you who couldn’t make this year happen.  We’ll announce the prices and dates then!

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