Monday, February 11, 2013


What inspires you?  Do you have a quick answer?  I usually kind of hate that question.  What inspires me?  A million+1 things.  But the answer I give is always a bit less complex and comes out in what I fear is a cheesy and automatic response -- For one, I'm inspired by good music.  But is that really what I'm inspired by?  What is it that really inspires me about music?  There are deeper roots that never really make their presence known in my answering of that familiar question.

I turn on a favorite song and I want to dance.  I feel worry free and armed with courage to embrace whatever is around the corner.  I'm able to pause, think, reflect, and relate to my surroundings.  Beauty is made known that might otherwise seem only gray.  My mood changes and I'm ready to jump into action.

But what is it that inspires me about music?  Is it that I like to groove to a good beat while I run?  Or is it that my heart inwardly loves that music is, at it's core, a creation?  All the different parts of the music: the instruments, the tempo, the arrangement of notes, the voices -- all intricately placed together to create a full piece of beauty.  While I am not a creator of music, I aspire to the ability to create.  Music is a bit like math to me in that I don't understand how it works.  I don't speak the language.  I find myself standing in complete wonder of the intricacies that make music what it is.  I want to enter into it, be a part of it, have it inside of me.

Creation is at the core of my musical inspiration, and it make sense that it would be.  Creation is at the core of me.  Fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who loves to create.  The master creator who knit together all the intricacies that make me who I am.  Made in his image, the image of a creator, we ourselves, united in Christ, are divine creators.

So it's not just music itself that inspires me.  It's all of creation.  It's God Himself reminding me of who he is and who he has made me to be.

Blair McLeod has a passion for equipping others to find their voice and serve others. She is the mother of one, married to an artist, works full time as a middle school youth director, and loves Nashville, which she calls home. Blair has loved the relationships and doors that blogging has opened for her. One thing in particular she is super proud to be a part of is The Purpose Project -- that allows bloggers to use their own personal story and social media platforms to make a change in the lives of people in Africa. You can follow Blair's lifestyle and fashion blog at Wild & Precious.

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