What can you expect to see over in the network forums? I’ve found it to be a beautiful experience, one created by the members themselves. These girls are welcoming and vulnerable and supportive. They seek truth and wisdom and relationship, and they make much of Him in the way they communicate with one another.

The Influence Network forums have become 
a sacred space where: 

Awkward is safe. So you don’t agree with paying for blog sponsorships? Have you ever felt confused as to how to make your brand more marketable without being pushy? Ask the questions, get the feedback, and walk away feeling refreshed by conflict. Unlike most message board sites, this is not a place to bring your boxing gloves. I’ve read thread after thread involving different viewpoints, my mouth open at how respectful these women are when presenting their ideas and opinions.

Relief is sweet. Have you been struggling with an illness, or a job loss? Wondering if anyone else has ever felt the same way you do about ____ ? The forums are the kind of place where you share your junk and actually get results. You’ll find hundreds (literally) of women who say they’ll pray for you. Then they’ll actually do it. And then they’ll follow up with you a few days later to check in. If I’ve read it once I’ve read it a million times, you are not alone. A theme of friendship and love has blossomed on these threads, simply out of sharing vulnerably and honestly.

Accountability is welcome. Are you spending too much money on ___ each month, and not giving enough away? Are you feeling led to a new job, or a new city, and just need to say it out loud? Get it out, girl. These ladies are here to make sure you know you’re supported, and they’ll sprinkle in little concoctions of encouragement – grace and truth, spoken in love.

Competition is put to rest. Do you have a great grocery budget or routine to share? Are you unsure about where to start with blog design, or how to start a blog in general? No question or idea is too silly. There are no top dogs or popularity awards. We are all women flying the same banner, the one of the Good News. After that, we just want to do well at whatever it is… we might as well sharpen each other on the way right?

After participating in the forums, women have compared their experiences to a giant coffee date or a sleepover. Ladies have met their new friends in real life away from the computer, thanks to our regional meet-ups. Women are experiencing life change and they’re helping others to do the same. If you haven’t already, I do hope you’ll join us someday soon!