Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Linkup for Influential Women

Sweet friends,

  Nadine of a Secondary Heartbeat here, happy to share something I am really excited about!

 I want to invite you to join in on something lovely! What is it? Well, a link-up, of course! Mid-January I was thinking about how many new friends I had made through the Influence Network and how I still had so many more to make! I was thinking about how my blog has grown, not simply in numbers, but in community since joining this space. As I kept thinking, I realized that I wanted to share about what was happening, and to let others share as well.

 You might remember back in the fall before the Influence Conference when there was a link-up to get to know people before you got to the conference. It was followed by a what did you learn through the conference link-up. I wasn't able to get to the conference, but I joined in the post-conference link-up because God had done some work in my heart.

 When the Network was announced, I jumped in with both feet. I continue to chat up the forums (like they're going out of style - but thankfully they are very much in style) and am loving the community of friends that I have met. My schedule hasn't fit in any classes yet but I haven't heard anything but good words about the ones that have happened so far! I'm excited for the Network to grow and to equip each of us to love Jesus more and to love our blogging neighbours more as well!

 So. Let's have a link-up!

 Today, will you join us? Join us in sharing:
3 things about yourself 
1 thing you've learned on the Network 
1 photo that you love of yourself
I'll be sharing on my own blog more about this, but one thing I've learned through this Network is that we don't have to be on the outside anymore. As women, I know that we often feel on the outskirts of the good stuff so let me warmly welcome you to join in on the good stuff! Come share with us. To the ones like me, who chat up the forums night and day, share with us!

 To the ones who are the consistent readers and quiet speakers, share with us!
 To the ones who fit somewhere else - share with us!
 If you're a current member of the Influence Network, we want to hear from you.

 Join us, okay? Okay!

To participate, you must be (or become!) a member of the Influence Network.

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