Monday, March 25, 2013

Six Little Questions

So you want to be an influential woman? 
Well, you know what we'd say? You already are.

No matter what you do, what stage of life you're in, if you're single and working in a coffee shop or you have four kids and you're working from home. If you're writing your second best-seller or you're still dreaming of what you want to be. We believe you have influence. Right where you are. Part of living out your influential life is stewarding it well. We all only have 24 hours, two hands, and God's grace to work with. We know you want to make the most of your days and we're right there with you. None of us want these days to pass only to find that we did too much or too little or the wrong things altogether. To combat this, we've come up with six questions that feel super helpful in ordering our days. We pray they'll assist you too as you recognize just how valuable your time, talents, and plans are.

 1. Up first: What is already scheduled for your day?  Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Where have you committed to be? Who have you committed to be there for? What are the normal rhythms that come for you on these days? It sounds like a simple question, but many of us jump ahead in our scheduling to what we want to do and what we feel burdened to do before we handle what we've already committed to.

 2. What is late and/or stealing your peace?  That project left unfinished, the email you should have written two weeks ago, the promise you made to your son last night to read that book. The dishes that are making you sick to walk past or the permission forms that you should have turned in last Thursday. You don't need to beat yourself up about the things undone and you should feel comfortable with the pace God has given you, BUT if there is something left unfinished and the thought of not completing it is eating up your emotional energy - get it done TODAY. Most of us are going to have ongoing projects without a start or end date: parenting, mentoring someone, writing a blog, etc - so if there something that we can totally cross off our lists that will bring us peace, especially if we're late in doing it, don't delay any further.

 3. What actionable step can you complete that will make you feel like you've moved forward?  In all our different types of tasks, there are usually a few things on our list that will make us feel, if just for a moment, that we're winning - just a little. It's ok to mix those in with the responsible tasks so that at the end of the day you've done the right things and the life-giving things. The crucial thing is finding the right balance. Only you can answer this question for yourself, but make sure you don't leave it off your list.

 4. How can you love others better than yourself today? If you're super servant-hearted, this might not be hard for you  - but for the rest of us, we need to pause and think on this a second before moving on. Don't just go forward with your day, week, or month in a routine manner assuming the people around you will feel taken care of. Stop, pray, and consider how you can put the needs + hearts of those around you first before yourself. For me, this might mean taking 30 minutes to ask my daughter what I can play with her, emailing a friend to tell her I'm proud of something I've seen in her, taking on a task for one of my business team members when I see them overwhelmed, or doing that chore my husband normally does to treat him. For you - it might look totally different.

 5. How will you find refreshment today? Again, we should never just assume this will happen. How does the Lord re-create you and what does He use to make you feel like a new woman? Lean into those things and set aside regular time for them, even if it's just a few minutes a day. Reading the Word, watching a quick show when the kids fall asleep, going on a run, listening to music while you make dinner, or spending 30 minutes on pinterest during your lunch break. Don't think of it as indulgent, think of it as a deposit into your refreshment tank. Remember not to give and give without drinking from the Living Water.

 6. What will you NOT do today? An influential woman knows her limits and she knows that she isn't an island. If you're powering through the day believing that you're the only one who can do ALL THE THINGS then you're not walking in the fullness of the Gospel and you're not utilizing the gift of community. What can you delegate? What can you or should you take off  your plate? What will you not say "no" to, because you've already said "yes" enough? Again, ask your Father for guidance and then stand strong in your decision. You'll thank yourself in the long run for doing the right things well rather than doing a million things half-way.

 Take a minute and ask yourself these questions! Your time, your heart, your schedule, and your days are so incredibly valuable and worth considering the best way to execute them. We'd love to hear any questions you ask yourself daily as well!

 Are you looking to make your online life more valuable? Find resources + community within The Influence Network and we'll do this thing together.

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  1. YESSSS! I love this post....totally bookmarking it! :) I think that #4 is SO perfect for a world of my endless to-do list, God is calling me to stop and make sure I am loving others and putting other needs before my own! :) This blog post. Just what I needed today! THANK YOU Hayley! :)


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