Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Your Season. Own It!

Maybe it's just me, but...
I feel that all too often, Christian women are encouraged to stifle their seasons. We're all for sharing the sunshine and rainbows. But if you're going through something hard, or less than pleasant? Tone that junk down. Pray through it, smile through it, lie about it, whatever it takes. The important thing here is to maintain a positive attitude and a heavenly perspective. Don't forget, we are the salt! The light!

I agree that it's important to count it all joy and persevere through our trials, but what about the way the darkness feels? What about the other women experiencing the same seasons at the same time, often suffering in silence alongside us? What about that time Jesus literally sweat blood?

As Jessi so often reminds folks, it's important to find some balance and minister out of our vulnerability. In order to do this effectively, I think it's important that we own our seasons. I mean, really own them. Soak them up for all they're worth and then share them. I believe real people want real stories. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Major milestones sometimes bear burdens - a successful career or homeownership, for example. Breastfeeding hurts at first. I'm not entirely sure why women keep telling each other it's not supposed to. Marriage doesn't always feel like the first date, and it's okay to have conversations that include words like "obligation" and "duty." You will embarrass yourself in front of your children. Eating crow will never feel quite as raw or redemptive as apologizing to a child.

Do me and yourself favor...
Next time you're chatting over coffee or returning a text message or crafting a blog post, and you get the opportunity to be vulnerable about something that might be difficult for you? Own your season, and then share it. Messy and murky and full of grace, allow the Lord to minister through your junk. I promise, you won't regret it!


  1. Wow, that top comment was confusing until I figured out it was spam, lol.

    But onto the subject at hand. I agree, it's hard to feel close to people or have a real friendship if there's no vulnerability and open-ness. I'm sure there's a wisdom to knowing when to open up and be vulnerable.. and some people aren't in a place where they're free to open up on the internet about sensitive things, but! I love it when there is honesty and frankness. Because we all have horrible days and terrible seasons, and feeling like we're not alone through them makes them a little more bearable. Plus, after reading the Psalms I can never think that God wants us to gloss over all the rough spots! There's raw honesty for ya. :)

  2. more and more i am learning this is so so true!! it is absolutely amazing and beautiful, even though it seems messy and impossible. thank you for sharing <3

  3. Great advice!

    I feel like I am constantly trying to find the balance between "vulnerable" and "complaining". I want to be real and put it out there (what is appropriate) but often times have a hard time doing that without feeling like I'm complaining about the stage I am in. Some bloggers I read (including a lot of you lovely ladies) do that very well and I'm thankful for the great examples! I just have a hard time wording things that don't sound like a big pity party! ha :) I'm all about embracing the here and now and owning your season, but working on doing it with grace, compassion and hope for the next season to come.

    Thanks! :)

  4. So needed this today (and yesterday). Thank you!!

  5. I appreciate your words and sentiment here. Thanks.


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