Friday, May 24, 2013

The Very First Regional Meetup

Regional meetups have become one of my favorite services of this online network.  On an unseasonably hot Saturday afternoon in May, the very first meetup was held in Indiana, as a beta test for all Influence Network meetups being planned around the rest of the country.  I pulled together an outfit to cover my baby bump, realized I didn't have any business cards to hand out, and made my jittery stomach slightly more nervous with a cup of coffee before heading over to the party.

Here's my recap + what you can expect in your region: 

The meetups offer the sweet gift of connecting with like-minded women, who not only understand online life, but also inhabit the same real-life community.

We had the perfect icebreaker in the form of three adorable babies who were in attendance.  As we congregated around cupcakes and snacks we introduced ourselves, chatting about our neighborhoods, families, and online work.

The founders of The Influence Network, Jessi Connolly and Hayley Morgan, earnestly shared plans and dreams for the network - including a sneak peek at the new site design and logo (launching this summer!).

The meetups allow women to reach beyond themselves and learn how to lend their voices for social justice.

If we only came together to form a "little bubble," there would be good in the community that was formed.  But one thing that sets Influential women apart is their desire to partner with others for greater good in our communities and around the world.  The Network has developed a relationship with The A21 Campaign, which provided practical ways women of Influence could grow their ability to lend their voice.

The meetups are fun. 

Despite my jitters, I had a lovely time.  There were cupcakes, decorations, and gift bags.  The afternoon offered girl-talk and deep conversation, which sent me home feeling refreshed and even more excited for The Influence Conference this fall!


The next meetup will be announced on the member forums in the following 3 weeks.  
Be sure to check there for more details!

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