Thursday, June 20, 2013

we can afford anything.

The other night my husband and I sat down to go over our budget and I made a few jokes about how stress-inducing it was. Maybe that sounds familiar to you, but the truth is - talking about money really ISN'T so stressful for us these days. It's not because we're rolling in dough and it's not because the numbers always add up just so, it's because we've learned one seriously valuable lesson in the last few years.

We can afford anything.

Before you get the wrong idea or try to hit us up for cash, I should back up just a little. Our family has absolutely known poverty. I mean, real financial poverty. We've had seasons of very, very little and the economic downturn hit us hard a few years ago. Right now we're in a season of seriously needing to trust the Lord with our finances - as part of our income comes from fundraising because my husband is a church planter and the other part comes from our online business. So how we can afford anything? Well, what I really mean is...

We can afford anything the Lord wants us to.
And you can too.

I'm not getting all prosperity gospel on you and telling you that you can envision a million bucks and have it the next day. I AM telling you that if you love and serve Jesus, your Heavenly Father owns everything in this big, huge world and He can choose to resource you with WHATEVER He chooses for you to have, regardless of your bank account or credit score. What we can afford isn't a matter of how much money we have, it's really a matter of what the Lord wants us to have and how we're willing to make it work to have it.

For us, we're not willing to go into debt to have things we want, but we absolutely ARE willing to work a little extra or cut back in other areas for something that feels right for our family. So when we approach our budget, you'll rarely hear us telling one another "Oh, we can't afford that" and we try not to speak that over our children either. We don't want them to trust our bank account for provision, but our heavenly Father. Because if we're all seeking first His Kingdom anyhow, the chances are - our desires are lined up with what He wants us to have.

I pray that as women of Influence - we'd all have this mentality. Not a false gospel that says "if you work hard, good things will happen and you'll have all the things" but rather a gospel-centered view of money that says, "I seek God's will for my life and know that nothing is off limits to my Father. He wants good for me and He will absolutely provide and make a way for me".

Some verses to dwell on here:
Psalm 50:10-12
Matthew 6:26
Matthew 6:33

Are you wanting to attend The Influence Conference, but you're worried about money? 

Here are a few tips: 

1. Pray! If the Lord wants you there, it could cost a billion dollars and you could still afford it.
2.  Think about where you can redistribute money from in your budget to make this investment for yourself/ your business/ your blog/ your family. Maybe cutting out Starbucks trips or fast food with the kids for a few months is the very investment you need to make.
3. Think through ways to earn money to go towards your ticket/expenses and brainstorm with other gals in the network. Hop on the forums if you're a network member or us the #InfluenceConf hashtag on twitter/facebook/instagram to brainstorm your way there.

One more thought: 
We wouldn't be surprised if the Lord isn't prompting some of the women in our community to hold their hands open and be generous and sponsor some other gals for their conference tickets. Maybe some of pray and ask the Lord what we can afford, he answers with - we can afford to be generous.  If this is you - email us at 


  1. Thank you for this post!! I have been praying that if the Lord truly wants me at this conference that He will provide a way! We recently took a HUGE faith move for me to come stay at home with our almost 3 year old daughter. On paper it doesn't make sense financially, but through prayer and the prompting of the Holy Spirit we took the step of faith. Knowing that every little bit of money needs to first pay our bills, and refusing to ever again go in to debt, I am trusting the Lord to provide a way for me to go if that's what He wants for me. I am trying to sell prints to raise my own money to go, but I will pray and ask for wisdom in other ways I can raise money, too. Also, I love that you don't even use the phrase "we can't afford this or that" because you're right, we can afford anything that is in God's will for us!!

  2. Wow: "we can afford anything the Lord wants us to." I never thought of anything that way, and that is a HUGE perspective shift for me. Money has been a struggle my entire life and present-day is no exception. Money is a tough subject for me, so very tough. I know better, but I find myself constantly battling the "if I work hard enough" mentality. I could use your prayers, dear Influence sisters!

  3. Such a great post! I am in a spot right now where I am discerning the Lord's wisdom on which conference to attend this fall. Trusting Him for direction and provision!

  4. Yes, yes, YES! I don't know how many times I have heard people in my life say, "I can't afford that" in a mopey tone. They just have such a negative view of their lives and resources.
    "I seek God's will for my life and know that nothing is off limits to my Father." So grateful for our limitless Father!

  5. Such a great reminder and encouragement. Thank you for this post.

  6. Love this, and it's encouragement for me at just the right time! We believe the same way... and trust God with our finances and family! My husband is a church planter too... we're in the thick of it now, it's been the toughest, most stretching and amazing year of our lives so far. So this post just hit home to me. Thanks for sharing! :)

    ~Tabitha Blue

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  8. I feel a little strange recommending this, because I also have been very poor, and at that time I looked on advice like this askance. But my recommendation is to tithe, or if your already are, to increase your tithe.

    There is nothing like tithing to get your head in the right place about money. At first I was upset at the idea - I had so little and wasn't sure I trusted my affluent church to spend it wisely. But it doesn't matter how the church spends it, it only matters that you give it, and with it, your attachment to it and your intention to keep it. Plus the Bible doesn't say, "do it if it's easy", it just says do it.

    I started off with $5 a week (it may not sound like a sacrifice, but it was) and gradually increased as my circumstances improved until now I tithe the real 10% of my salary. This happened over years, and my salary increased too, so it became much easier. Some weeks it still can be not easy, but I haven't stopped even when the temptation is strong and it seems justified. My faith has really grown with this, and so have the ways I've been blessed.

    Good luck to all, Deborah


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